New Video: The Creation of Politics

Those of you who have participated in Kettering’s annual summer Deliberative Democracy Exchange have probably heard Kettering Foundation president David Mathews tell a story about a small village that faces a recurring flood. It is a fable of sorts. In spite of the villagers’ many efforts to stop the flood, the waters return again and again. So the people in the story had to make a decision: should they move across the river, where another band of people already live? Should they stay in their homeland? Or, should they move to higher ground?

"Shaping Our Future" - Washington DC Part I

"Shaping Our Future" is a year-long national dialogue on the future of higher education.

"Shaping Our Future" - Washington DC Part II

University of Maryland, Baltimore County Student Government Association President, Kaylesh Ramu, at the "Shaping Our Future" launch event in Washington DC on September 4th, 2012.

David Mathews -- Shaping Our Future: Closing Remarks

Kettering Foundation President, David Mathews, gives his closing remarks to legislators and business, education and civic engagement leaders at the "Shaping Our Future" launch event in Washington DC on September 4th, 2012.

The Complete Version of KF's Documentary - No Textbook Answer - Is Now Available Online

Education has been the topic of a handful of widely distributed documentaries in recent years. 2009’s Race To Nowhere highlights what some believe is an overemphasis on academic outcomes in America’s educational system, and that the subsequent risk to our children’s mental health. A play on the Obama administration’s controversial Race To The Top legislation, the film insists that education should accentuate creativity, instead of what some would argue are meaningless, stress-inducing academic outcomes.