Ongoing Threats to Democracy

Early August brought bipartisan evidence that our major political parties are willing to erode democracy if it meets their goals. Both Democrats and Republicans are playing with fire.

WATCH: #DemocracyIs

Why are you committed to the work of democracy?

Four Decades of Democratic Learning: David Mathews and the Kettering Foundation

On Tuesday, September 27, the Kettering Foundation board of directors, staff, colleagues, friends, and family joined on our Dayton campus to honor David Mathews and his four decades of service to the Kettering Foundation. Mathews was president and CEO from 1981 to 2022.

Levine Receives Established Leader Award

Peter Levine was awarded the Established Leader Award by the Civic Engagement section of APSA.

Middle Schoolers as Deliberative Civic Actors

Deliberation in the classroom.

Young Children as Classroom Citizens

Deliberative democratic practices in the classroom community.

Statement on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

The Supreme Court’s action in overturning abortion rights will erode trust and fracture American democracy.

Historic Decisions: Looking Deliberatively at the Past

By Kettering program officer Joni Doherty.

Jamesian Pragmatism and the Work of Civic Renewal

As part of the Kettering Foundation’s ongoing research, our staff and allied organizations gather for monthly Dayton Days research sessions to reflect on the ideas guiding our work and to share new insights. Conceptual thinkers from outside the foundation join us to talk about their work and provoke our thinking.

How an Art-Based Discussion Can Promote Democratic Citizenship among Youth

Insights from Saya Kakim, a graduate researcher at the Kettering Foundation.