The 2011 issue of the Higher Education Exchange Is Now Available Online

CLICK HERE to read. The 2011 issue of the Higher Education Exchange seeks to address the question, “What if the real school of education at a university is, in fact, the entire institution itself; that is, the university or community college as a whole?”  This is the proposition Kettering Foundation president David Mathews puts forth in the opening article, and the following articles are responses to that question from scholars and practitioners in the field.  Contributors include Frank Fear of Michigan State University, a long-time pioneer in the work of civic engagement, KerryAnn O’Meara, who has done extensive work of faculty civic engagement, Hal Saunders, David Tukey, Amy Lazarus, and Rhonda Fitzgerald of the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network, Bernie Ronan of Maricopa Community College, and Sara Mehltretter Drury of Wabash College.  Their contributions all reference engagement, transformation, and relationships as possible avenues for institutional change.  The Higher Education Exchange is edited by Deborah Witte and David Brown.