Dartmouth Conference: Metropolitan Feofan of Kazan, 1947-2020

Metropolitan Feofan (left), with our late colleague Hal Saunders and Russian Dartmouth Co-Chair Vitaly Naumkin, in 2015.

The Dartmouth Conference is the longest continuous bilateral dialogue between citizens of the Soviet Union, now Russia, and the United States. It has been an attempt to create a sustained dialogue on the changing nature of the relationship between the two countries for the purposes of preventing nuclear war and then strengthening the relationship between two powers that have much to contribute to world peace and development.

We have learned that one of the Russian principals in the Dartmouth Conference, Metropolitan Feofan of Kazan, has died. He has been part of the meetings since 2014. 

David Mathews and James F. Collins, US co-chairs of the Dartmouth Conference, have written this tribute.

In addition, Mark Farr, co-chair of the religious section of the Dartmouth Conference, and Phil Stewart, director of the Dartmouth Conference, have also written this remembrance