Deliberative Pedagogy Strikes a Chord with Higher Education Looking to Spark Agency, Civic Skills in Students

Deliberative Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning for Democratic Engagement  (Michigan State University Press, 2017), which combines the theory and practice compiled and refined throughout a multi-year Kettering research exchange, has received a startling amount of interest from a wide variety of academic conferences. Contributors to the book have already presented at nearly a dozen sessions at conferences this fall, with more scheduled 2018. It’s a testament to the salience that the idea of a more democratic-minded approach to teaching and student learning has in the current landscape of higher education.

Upcoming conference sessions:

  • February 2018: Nick Longo and Tim Shaffer will present “Education for Democracy: Promoting Civility and Problem Solving through Deliberative Pedagogy” at the North Carolina Campus Compact’s 2018 Civic Engagement Institute.
  • May 2018: Sara Drury, Carmen Graeb and Idit Manosevitch will present a preconference workshop on deliberative pedagogy at the International Communication Association in Prague, Czech Republic.

Earlier this year, contributors to the book, including Christy Buchanan, Martín Carcasson, Katy Harriger, Nick Longo, Janice McMillan, Jill McMillan, Tim Shaffer, Tim Steffensmeier, and Rebecca Townsend, presented the following sessions:

  • “Designing, Teaching, and Practicing Deliberative Pedagogy in Classroom Settings” and “Democratizing Processes in Engaged Scholarship: Considerations from Deliberative Pedagogy and Participatory Evaluation” at the Engagement Scholarship Consortium Conference in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • “Deliberative Pedagogy and Community Engagement: Multinational Case Study Research” at the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement Annual Conference in Galway, Ireland.
  • “Civil Discourse as a Disposition and a Critical Response for Civic Professionals” as part of the NIFA/USDA The Role of Diversity & Inclusion in Positive Youth Development webinar series.
  • “The State of the Field: Deliberative Democracy Practices, 2005-2017” at the Deliberative Democracy Consortium’s Research & Practice Gathering in Chicago, Illinois.
  • “Civil Discourse, Problem Solving, and Civic Professionals in Extension” at University of Maryland Extension in Hyattsville, Maryland.
  • “Deliberative Pedagogy: What, Why, and How for Engaged Teaching and Learning in Urban Contexts” at the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities Conference in Denver, Colorado.
  • “A Legacy of Deliberative Discussion through Public Forums” and “Using Our Legacy of Dialogic Deliberation as a Foundational Approach to Teaching Communication” at the National Communication Association conference in Dallas, Texas.
  • “Deliberative Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning for Democratic Engagement” at the Great Plains Campus Compact conference in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • “Engaging College Students in Politics: The Role of Dialogue in Becoming a Change Agent” at the 8th Conference on Emerging Adulthood in Washington DC.