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Golden Governance: Building Effective Public Engagement in California

Research exchanges at Kettering feature an ever-shifting cast of old and new friends whose interests and inquiries shed light on and complement our lines of inquiry. We are more than refreshed by these exchanges; we meet with people and organizations that further our work.

New KF Working Paper - Because I Can: Exploring Faculty Civic Agency

This working paper reflects a series of conversations that have been taking place within the Kettering Foundation’s research on the democratic mission of higher education. In our research, we have noticed that many of the most innovative efforts have come from faculty who are deeply frustrated with narrow conceptions of what counts as scholarship and seek to connect their professional work with deeply held civic aspirations.

The Complete Version of KF's Documentary - No Textbook Answer - Is Now Available Online

Education has been the topic of a handful of widely distributed documentaries in recent years. 2009’s Race To Nowhere highlights what some believe is an overemphasis on academic outcomes in America’s educational system, and that the subsequent risk to our children’s mental health. A play on the Obama administration’s controversial Race To The Top legislation, the film insists that education should accentuate creativity, instead of what some would argue are meaningless, stress-inducing academic outcomes.

Collaboration and the Ecology of Democracy

This Kettering Foundation report explores the features and implications of citizen-driven, multi-party collaboration. Authors Kemmis and McKinney regard this problem solving across deep ideological and interest group divides as an important, but still emerging, form of democracy.

New Podcast by Scott London Now Available: What Does Economic Security Mean for Citizens, Policymakers?

As a recent op-edin the New York Times noted, one major difference between the way Americans faced the Great Depression of the 1930s and the woeful economic situation of today is how we talk talk about it.

Health Care and Deliberation

Deliberative forums could provide crucial insights into what the public thinks about reforming the health care system. The Kettering Cousins Research Group, an ever-changing group of Kettering staff and associates, has been looking into the impact of federal policies on the ability of citizens and communities to carry out their responsibility in a democracy.

Verdict on Health Care Reform

Public's made progress, but still hasn’t come to grips with costs of making health care a universal right, judges rule in mock trial. The American public is more aware of the costs of health-care reform than it was 15 years ago, but still hasn’t resolved the trade-offs associated with making health care a universal right, raising questions about the Obama administration’s goal of reform this year. This was the ruling by a panel of five “judges” in a mock trial at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., earlier this spring.

Kettering Board Elects Vice Presidents

The Kettering Foundation’s Board of Trustees has elected John R. Dedrick and Maxine S. Thomas vice presidents. A political scientist, Dedrick has served as the foundation’s program director since 2004 and will continue to provide direction for contract research, staff associates, scholars-in-residence, and publications.

Presidential Libraries Hosted NIF forums

In collaboration with the National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI), the 12 Presidential Libraries of the National Archives and Records Administration hosted a series of discussions on public policy issues in the fall of 2008.

2008 DEX Exploring the Human Dimensions

From June 27 to July 2, 2008, more than 250 people from across the United States and from around the world gathered in Dayton, Ohio, during the Deliberative Democracy Exchange (DDEx), Kettering’s newest workshop series, and our annual Deliberative Democracy Workshop (DDW).