New Podcast by Scott London Now Available: What Does Economic Security Mean for Citizens, Policymakers?

Jump to the Podcast! As a recent op-ed in the New York Times noted,  one major difference between the way Americans faced the Great Depression of the 1930s and the woeful economic situation of today is how we talk talk about it.

There is a crucial difference between then and now: the words that our political leaders use to talk about our problems have changed. Where politicians once drew on a morally resonant language of people, family and shared social concern, they now deploy the cold technical idiom of budgetary accounting. This is more than a superficial difference in rhetoric. It threatens to deprive us of the intellectual resources needed to address today’s problems.”

As the piece notes, those moral questions are often left out of today’s discussion about the choices our country must make in order to get its economic house in order.  But in fact, those questions are the main focus of National Issues Forums, which is why the view of how the public’s judgment on an issue they can offer is such a rarity.  In a new ten-minute podcast, Scott London examines how recent National Issues Forums on the issue of Economic Security could have strategic implications for lawmakers looking to craft policy on this issue.