Profiles in Higher Education Civic Leadership

In recent years, Kettering has brought together a series of research exchanges with college presidents on the civic purposes of higher education. In these exchanges, we discovered that presidents are deeply concerned with the state of our democracy and anxious to expand their leadership roles beyond fundraising and bureaucratic administration. Harry Boyte, senior scholar in public work philosophy at the Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship at Augsburg College, has interviewed several of the participating college presidents to find out how they are taking leadership on their campuses on themes of democracy and civic engagement. In this initial set of profiles published on the Huffington Post, we see three leaders who are finding meaning in educating students for active democratic citizenship.

“Philosophers of Possibility—Katrina Rogers, Fielding Graduate University”

“Adam Weinberg, President of Denison—An Eye for Civic Agency”

“Profile—Augsburg’s Paul Pribbenow, On Reweaving the Social Fabric”