A Public Voice 2013: Framing the Public Deliberation on Budget Issues

On June 5, Washington policymakers and representatives from the deliberative democracy network will meet at the National Press Club for a working meeting.

Do Partisan Elites Polarize the Public?

KF research associate David McIvor recently analyzed a paper in the American Political Science Review that asks whether partisan-polarized environments can affect how citizens come to judge public issues.

Pat Harbour Interviewed on WBOK 1230AM in New Orleans

Listen to Pat Harbour discuss her new book with radio host Gerod Stevens on WBOK 1230-AM's Good Morning Show.

KF to Collaborate on Developing Deliberative Decision Making in Israel

KF has an exciting new opportunity to test deliberative decision making in a new and challenging environment --Israel

"Will It Be on the Test?" Cited in Washington Post

The Washington Post’s education blogger, Valerie Strauss, looks at recent studies analyzing school closures.

Research on Journalists' Role in Democracy

Talia Stroud of the University of Texas is embarking on a study for KF focusing on the current attitudes of journalism students toward citizens and citizenship.

Gun Regulation Prey to Same Distrust of Government as Other Major Public Issues

On “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” conservative columnist Peggy Noonan made an observation that echoes a finding that KF has found in much of its research about citizens’ judgment on major issues.

NIFI Releases Issue Advisory for Deliberations on Stopping Mass Shootings In Our Communities

The National Issues Forums Institute has released an Issue Advisory that contains materials that communities might wish to use in deliberating over the issues raised by the tragic events in Newtown, CT, in December last year. It's not a full issue guide, but a basic outline of the options, entitled "How Can We Stop Mass Shootings in Our Communities?"

Ray C. Minor joins Kettering Foundation as program officer

Ray C. Minor, a veteran executive with experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, has joined the Kettering Foundation as a program officer. In his position as program officer, Minor will take a lead role in the Kettering Foundation’s research with public administrators and on the political engagement of college students.

Brad Rourke to join Kettering Foundation as program officer

Brad Rourke will join the Kettering Foundation as a program officer, effective February 1. Rourke has worked with Kettering in various ways since 1998 and has been an associate of the foundation since 2005.