WATCH: A Public Voice 2016

Footage from A Public Voice 2016 is now available to stream online.

Interim Report on Health Care and Making Ends Meet Forums Released at A Public Voice 2016 in Washington, DC

Citizens at Work: An interim report from A Public Voice 2016.

Remembering the 1977 Airlie House Conference Report

David Mathews is president and CEO of the Ketteirng Foundation and is a former president of University of Alabama. He has participated in Kettering’s ongoing series of exchanges with college presidents on the civic purposes of higher education. Below is Mathews' 2016 introduction to the 1977 report The Changing Agenda for American Higher Education.

Livestreaming A Public Voice 2016: Join Us For Early Insights from Nationwide Deliberations

As of March 31, there have been more than 250 in-person and online forums on Making Ends Meet and Health Care Costs.

You're Invited - Join an Online Forum about Climate Change

We have 4 forums coming up using he long-awaited Climate Choices issue framing

6 More Opportunities to Participate in Online Forums In the Next 2 Weeks

Six more chances to try online Common Ground for Action forums that will be part of Kettering's annual report to policymakers, A Public Voice.

Hal Saunders’ Impact and Influence Was Truly Global

Reactions to the death of Hal Saunders have been pouring in from all over the world.

Dr. Harold H. Saunders, 1930-2016

Harold H. Saunders, assistant secretary of state in the Carter administration and the recently retired director of international affairs at the Kettering Foundation, has died.

“The Civic Responsibilities of Colleges”: Adam Weinberg on Denison University

Adam Weinberg has long been a leader in the higher education movement for democratic innovation, including Kettering’s College Presidents and the Civic Purposes of Higher Education initiative.

Template for Campus Conversations on Democracy

Kettering has recently begun working with college presidents to move beyond their administrative and fundraising roles and provide new leadership for civic engagement. Beginning with a meeting with a small group of college presidents in July 2015, we found that these presidents were indeed eager to take leadership on themes of democracy and civic engagement on their campuses and with their stakeholders. This blog series, College Presidents on Higher Education and Its Civic Purposes, offers a space to gather and present their thoughts.