The Work of the Citizen

Why does Kettering use the term "citizen?”

Starting Points For Deliberative Politics

Welcome to Inside Public Judgment, a Kettering Foundation blog where we hope to share what we’re learning about how the public comes to judgment on difficult problems.

Politics for People: Betty Knighton and the West Virginia Center for Civic Life

Betty Knighton and the West Virginia Center for Civic Life

Friends for Youth to Host Webinars on Developing & Educating Youth

A series of webinars on educating our youth.

Tough Choices on Health Care–Ready or Not, Here They Come

Beyond the Polls | January, 2014

What Do Citizens Do? A Workshop for Opinion Journalists

Almost all journalists would agree that journalism serves the needs of citizens in a democracy.

Nelson Mandela: His Legacy to Democracy

Our South African colleague reflects on Mandela's legacy.

Welcome to Beyond the Polls

Welcome to Beyond the Polls, our regular commentary on what Americans are thinking about pivotal issues our country and communities face.

Is There Really a Generation Gap on Social Security?

Are the views and preferences of younger and older Americans really at odds when it comes to Social Security? What do polls show, and what happens when Americans of all ages have a chance to talk together about this issue?

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and Former Governor William Winter Speak to Statewide Shaping Our Future Conference

College presidents, deans, & administrators from throughout Mississippi participated in NIF Shaping Our Future forums