Active Citizenship for a Sustainable Economy

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The Antonio Núñez Jiménez Foundation and the Kettering Foundation are engaged in ongoing exchanges to understand how active citizenship can be strengthened and nurtured to better people’s lives throughout the Western Hemisphere. This exchange began more than a decade ago and, to date, has included five conferences: two held in Cartagena, Colombia, in 2008 and 2009, and three held in Havana, Cuba, in 2014, 2016, and January 2018. This bilingual (English and Spanish) publication brings together abstracts of the presentations made by participants at the 2016 conference, which was titled Active Citizenship for a Sustainable Economy. The participants in the 2016 Havana exchange were invited to talk about their efforts to encourage active citizenship for a sustainable economy in their particular contexts, and the pieces included in this publication are:

  • Introduction, Ileana Marin and Esther Velis
  • Cayucas SOS: Active Citizenship for a Sustainable Economy, Liliana Núñez and Roberto Sánchez
  • Cuba: Spaces for Citizenship in the Political Context of the Transition, Rafael Hernández
  • Means and Obstacles for Democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean, Aurelio Alonso
  • The Role of the Corporate Citizen in a Newly Industrialized Cuba, Julia Sagebien
  • Economic Citizenship:  Citizens in Economic Change, Ramón Daubón and Randall Nielsen
  • Cities in Transition: Programmatic Bases and Practical Experiences of the Break-the-Circle Transition Institute in Spain, Emilio Santiago
  • North American Association for Environmental Education: An Overview, Judy Braus
  • Active Citizenship for a Sustainable Economy, John Dedrick
  • An Overview of Cuba’s Economic Trajectory, Ricardo Torres  
  • Coaching as an Effective Tool for Community Work, Marilyn Fernandez Female Employment in the New Cuban Economic Model:  Unresolved Issues, Marta Núñez
  • Developing Economic Citizenship in West Virginia, Betty Knighton Opening a Path: Active Citizen Participation for Environmental Rehabilitation, Ana Margarita de la Torre Jimenez and Mirlena Rojas
  • Closing Remarks: The Value of an Active Citizenry, David Mathews

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