Connections – Summer 2003: The Public-Government Relationship

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Federal Government
Reassessing the Relationship between The Public and The Government by David Mathews  ( PDF )
Our Political Awakening by Richard C. Harwood  ( PDF )
Is There a Public Interest in Political Campaigns? by Cole C. Campbell  ( PDF )
Voter Participation by Carolyn Farrow-Garland  ( PDF )
The Vanishing Voter by Thomas E. Patterson  ( PDF )
Understanding the Nature of Representation in a Democracy by John Cavanaugh  ( PDF )
Opportunity for State Legislatures by Les Ihara  ( PDF )
Communicating the Value of Deliberation by Amy Harper  ( PDF )
Erskine College Hosts a Legislative Orientation by Virginia York  ( PDF )
Public Engagement with Government Agencies by John R. Dedrick  ( PDF )
Deliberation Where You Least Expect It: Citizen Participation in Government by Archon Fung  ( PDF )
Books Worth Reading by   ( PDF )