Connections – Summer 2004: Institutions, Professions & the Public

Exploring the Public- Academy Relationship by David Mathews  ( PDF )
The Civic Mission of Higher Education by John R. Dedrick  ( PDF )
Revitalizing the University of Minnesota’s Civic Mission by Robert Bruininks  ( PDF )
The Role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Building Civic Responsibility by Beverly W. Hogan  ( PDF )
The New Engagement: From Community Relations to Community Partnerships by Byron P. White  ( PDF )
The Public Practice of Scholarship and the Production of Knowledge by Deborah Witte  ( PDF )
Apple IPM in Massachusetts: Public Scholarship in Action by Daniel R. Cooley  ( PDF )
College Students as Citizens by Maxine S. Thomas  ( PDF )
Fraternal Futures: Empowering Students to Shape the Future of Greek Organizations by Laura Hayhoe, Dennis C. Roberts  ( PDF )
Increasing Student Civic Engagement through Balanced Democratic Dialogue by Allison Crawford  ( PDF )
June Board Summary by   ( PDF )
An Update on Public Journalism by Cole C. Campbell  ( PDF )
The Footbridge Forum by Denise Dowling  ( PDF )
New Stories for Television: Promoting Public Judgment in Colombia by Catalina Arango  ( PDF )
Books Worth Reading by   ( PDF )

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