Connections – Summer 2006: A Review of KF Research

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Theory and Practice
Reviewing a Review by David Mathews  ( PDF )
Sidelining Citizens, Privatizing the Public by Keith Melville  ( PDF )
The Problem of Moral Disagreement and the Necessity of Democratic Politics by Noëlle McAfee  ( PDF )
A Movement to Revitalize Democracy in America by Carmen Sirianni, Lewis A. Friedland  ( PDF )
Civic Initiatives in American Democracy by Peter Levine  ( PDF )
Five Emerging Practices in the Scholarship of Engagement by Derek Barker  ( PDF )
Bridging the Divide Between the Public and Government by Phillip D. Lurie, Alice Diebel  ( PDF )
Owensboro Revisited by Tony Wharton  ( PDF )
A Different Kind of Politics, with a Long Tradition by Nicholas V. Longo  ( PDF )

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