Connections – Winter 2006: Focus on Community Politics

Community Politics, Leadership, and International Research Connections by Maxine S. Thomas  ( PDF )
Disconnecting and Reconnecting with Community by Richard C. Harwood  ( PDF )
Reexamining “Chronic Disengagement” through Another Lens by John Cavanaugh  ( PDF )
Involving Ordinary Citizens in Public Work: The Cincinnati Experience by Valerie A. Lemmie  ( PDF )
A Deeper Look at Citizen Engagement and Democracy by Anne Thomason  ( PDF )
Engaging Untapped Community Resources by Carolyn Farrow-Garland  ( PDF )
Coming Together to Address Wicked Social Problems by Sue E. Williams, Renée A. Daugherty  ( PDF )
Community Politics: A Lens for Seeing the Whole Story of Kettering Research by David Mathews  ( PDF )
Professionals, Institutions, and Community Challenges by Randall Nielsen  ( PDF )
Public Work and Education by Paloma Dallas  ( PDF )
Philanthropy and Public Life: A Question of Civil Investing by Scott London  ( PDF )
Institutional Administrators and Deliberative Democracy: The Tittabawassee Case by Alice Diebel  ( PDF )
A New Book Worth Reading by Peter Levine  ( PDF )

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