Connections (2008)

Looking Back/Looking Ahead at Communities by David Mathews  ( PDF )
A Need for Human Logic in Education by Bob Cornett  ( PDF )
Taking a Look at Organic Community-Level Politics by Derek Barker, Gina Paget, Dorothy Battle  ( PDF )
Developing Civic Practices in South African Communities by Teddy Nemeroff  ( PDF )
Community Change and Action Research: The Unrealized Potential of Cooperative Extension by Alice Diebel  ( PDF )
What’s Changed? Are Citizens Reestablishing Education Ownership? by Patricia Moore Harbour  ( PDF )
Communities as Educators: A Report on the November 2007 Public and Public Education Workshop by Connie Crockett  ( PDF )
Self-Organizing and Community Politics by Phil Stewart  ( PDF )
Preparing Today’s Kids for Tomorrow’s Jobs: What Should Our Community Do? by Bob McKenzie  ( PDF )
Public Work vs. Organizational Mission by Connie Crockett  ( PDF )
Studies of a Role for Communities in the Face of Catastrophe by Paloma Dallas  ( PDF )
Books Worth Reading by Matthew Johnson, Randall Nielsen  ( PDF )

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