Connections (2009)

Democracy and Economics by David Mathews  ( PDF )
How Citizens Talk about Responding to Economic Change by Steve Farkas  ( PDF )
Discovering Capacity by Harold H. Saunders  ( PDF )
Chattanooga Chugging by Ramon E. Daubon  ( PDF )
Journalism as a Civic Practice by Doug Oplinger  ( PDF )
Cooperative Extension and Community Development: How Politics and the Academy Mix by Alice Diebel  ( PDF )
University Outreach in Communities: The Limits of Expertise by Joe Sumners  ( PDF )
Getting Grounded: An Interview with Linda Hoke on Listening to Southern Communities by Alexandra Robinson  ( PDF )
Institutes Using NIF Strengthen Civic Life by Alice Diebel  ( PDF )
Experiments in Communicating the Results of Public Deliberation by Phil Stewart  ( PDF )
Jordan’s Public Forums Initiative by Ibtesam Al-Atiyat  ( PDF )
Effects of Deliberation on Secondary School Students: Experimental Sowing the Seed of Deliberation Project in Nigeria by Moshood Folorunsho  ( PDF )
The International Civil Society Consortium for Public Deliberation.Org by Ileana Marin  ( PDF )
Books Worth Reading by Scott London, Zach VanderVeen, Dana M. Walker  ( PDF )

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