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Each issue of the foundation’s annual newsletter focuses on a particular area of Kettering’s research. Each issue contains articles, feature stories, and book reviews relevant to the foundation’s work. Editing responsibilities for Connections rotate among Kettering program staff. The 2011 Connections, edited by Program Officer Phillip Lurie, reviews Kettering's research during the 2010-2011 program year on the role of communities in creating a culture of learning.

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Public Education
Education, Community, and Democracy by David Mathews  ( PDF | HTML )
Community as an Educational Institution by Amy Lee  ( PDF | HTML )
Civic Capacity and the Community Role in Education by Alexandra Robinson, Derek Barker  ( PDF | HTML )
A Diagnostic Approach for Learning-Based Change by Randall Nielsen  ( PDF | HTML )
Learning Communities by Harold Saunders  ( PDF | HTML )
From “That School” to “Our School” — A Community Lesson in the Power of Partnership by Elizabeth Sherwood  ( PDF | HTML )
Mobile-izing Communities and Schools for Extraordinary Results by Carolynn Akers  ( PDF | HTML )
Remembering the Public’s Role: Early Public Education in Alabama by Melinda Gilmore  ( PDF | HTML )
Communities: A Resource-Broadening the Definition of Education by Patricia Moore Harbour  ( PDF | HTML )
Creating a Culture of Learning: Neighborhood Learning Communities in St. Paul by Lisa Boone-Berry  ( PDF | HTML )
Extraordinary Results in Ordinary Communities: A Brief Review by Phillip D. Lurie  ( PDF | HTML )
Two Years and Six Practices Later … by David Holwerk  ( PDF | HTML )
Books Worth Reading – The Abundant Community: Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods by Alexandra Robinson  ( PDF | HTML )
The Year In Review by Amy Lee  ( PDF | HTML )

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