Connections (2012)

Reviewing Kettering Foundation Studies of the Role of HIGHER EDUCATION in American Democracy by David Mathews  ( PDF | HTML )
Higher Education and Our Collective Future: Where Do Citizens Stand? by Jean Johnson  ( PDF | HTML )
College Students and Politics: Fed Up or Fired Up? by Alice Diebel, Danielle Desjardins, Dwitiya Jawher Neethi, Jack Becker  ( PDF | HTML )
Reimagining the Civic Life of Non-College-Bound Youth by Wanda Madison Minor  ( PDF | HTML )
Living Democracy: From Service Learning to Political Engagement by Alexandra Robinson  ( PDF | HTML )
Deliberative Pedagogy: An Education that Matters by Joni Doherty  ( PDF | HTML )
The Civic Arts: A Conversation with Bernie Murchland by Keith Melville  ( PDF | HTML )
Community Colleges and the Work Of Democracy by Bernie Ronan  ( PDF | HTML )
Beyond the Ivory Tower: The Civic Aspirations of Faculty by Claire Snyder-Hall  ( PDF | HTML )
Turning the Tide on Poverty: Shifting the University-Community Relationship through Cooperative Extension by Alice Diebel  ( PDF | HTML )
A Crucible Moment: College Learning and Democracy’s Future by David W. McIvor  ( PDF | HTML )

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