Connections (2013)

Getting Off the Sidelines and Making Good Choices by David Mathews  ( PDF | HTML )
Deliberative Opportunities in Everyday Political Talk by Amy Lee, Erika Mason-Imbody  ( PDF | HTML )
Public Deliberation from the Jury Room to Initiative Elections by John Gastil  ( PDF | HTML )
Issue Guides and Issue Frameworks by Brad Rourke  ( PDF | HTML )
Learning Exchanges with Centers for Public Life by Alice Diebel, Randall Nielsen  ( PDF | HTML )
A Public Voice: A Long-Running Experiment Bears Promising Fruit by David Holwerk  ( PDF | HTML )
Reinventing Hampton by Connie Crockett  ( PDF | HTML )
Learning Exchanges with Professional Organizations by Phillip D. Lurie  ( PDF | HTML )
Public Learning in Public Schools: How Networks of Teachers and Public Partners Can Support Civic Learning by Libby Kingseed, Stacie Molnar-Main  ( PDF | HTML )
Active Citizenry in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia: A Case of Citywide Deliberation, Collective Acting, and Civic Capacity Building by Germán Ruiz, Ileana Marin  ( PDF | HTML )
Online Deliberative Decision Making by Amy Lee  ( PDF | HTML )
Folk Politics by Randall Nielsen  ( PDF | HTML )

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