Connections (2013)

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Each issue of this annual newsletter focuses on a particular area of Kettering’s research. The 2013 issue, edited by Kettering program officers Alice Diebel, Randall Nielsen, and Melinda Gilmore, focuses on citizens and the importance of the choices they make in politics.

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Getting Off the Sidelines and Making Good Choices by David Mathews  ( PDF | HTML )
Deliberative Opportunities in Everyday Political Talk by Amy Lee, Erika Mason-Imbody  ( PDF | HTML )
Public Deliberation from the Jury Room to Initiative Elections by John Gastil  ( PDF | HTML )
Issue Guides and Issue Frameworks by Brad Rourke  ( PDF | HTML )
Learning Exchanges with Centers for Public Life by Alice Diebel, Randall Nielsen  ( PDF | HTML )
A Public Voice: A Long-Running Experiment Bears Promising Fruit by David Holwerk  ( PDF | HTML )
Reinventing Hampton by Connie Crockett  ( PDF | HTML )
Learning Exchanges with Professional Organizations by Phillip D. Lurie  ( PDF | HTML )
Public Learning in Public Schools: How Networks of Teachers and Public Partners Can Support Civic Learning by Libby Kingseed, Stacie Molnar-Main  ( PDF | HTML )
Active Citizenry in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia: A Case of Citywide Deliberation, Collective Acting, and Civic Capacity Building by Germán Ruiz, Ileana Marin  ( PDF | HTML )
Online Deliberative Decision Making by Amy Lee  ( PDF | HTML )
Folk Politics by Randall Nielsen  ( PDF | HTML )

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