Connections 2014: Taking Stock of the Civic Arena

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Theory and Practice
What’s Going On Here? Taking Stock of Citizen-Centered Democracy by David Mathews  ( PDF )
Yes, Our Democracy Is a Mess, and Yes, Our Opportunities Are Real by Richard C. Harwood  ( PDF )
Philanthropy at a Crossroads by Brad Rourke  ( PDF )
Lost—and Seeking Directions by Steve Farkas  ( PDF )
When Communities Work . . . and Why Citizens Have Work to Do by Keith Melville  ( PDF )
From Both Sides Now: A Field Report from New Orleans by Lucas Díaz  ( PDF )
Democracy in the Balance: The Complex Dynamics of the Arab World Make Outcomes Far from Certain by Ziad Majed  ( PDF )
Twenty Years Later, Democracy Still Struggles to Take Root in South Africa by Ivor Jenkins  ( PDF )

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