Connections 2015 - Our History: Journeys in KF Research

How Kettering Discovered Democracy by David Mathews  ( PDF )
The Issue Guide and the Issue Forum: Political Inventions by Brad Rourke  ( PDF )
A Treasure Chest About to Open by Nicholas A. Felts  ( PDF )
From Public Policy Institutes to Centers for Public Life: Transforming People and Communities by Alice Diebel  ( PDF )
At Franklin Pierce, Learning to Make a Difference by Joni Doherty  ( PDF )
Town versus Gown? Not Here by Sara A. Mehltretter Drury  ( PDF )
Kettering’s Evolving Understanding— and My Own by Ray Minor  ( PDF )
Two Decades of Learning with Communities by Phillip D. Lurie  ( PDF )
Public Education as Community Work by Connie Crockett, Phillip D. Lurie, Randall Nielsen  ( PDF )
Listening for, and Finding, a Public Voice by Bob Daley  ( PDF )
Informing or Engaging: What Is the Role of Higher Education in Strengthening Public Life? by Derek W.M. Barker  ( PDF )
Scholars and Scholarship with Ties to Communities by Ellen M. Knutson, Ileana Marin  ( PDF )
KF and Journalism: On Again! Off Again! On Again! by David Holwerk  ( PDF )
From Civil Society to Civil Investing, and Beyond by John R. Dedrick  ( PDF )
Creative Acts as Democratic Work by Paloma Dallas, Melinda Gilmore  ( PDF )
The Dartmouth Conference by Harold H. Saunders, Philip D. Stewart  ( PDF )
Kettering and China: Thirty Years and Counting by Maxine S. Thomas  ( PDF )
Kettering’s Archives Hold a Quarter-Mile of History by Maura Casey  ( PDF )

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