Connections 2016: Kettering's Multinational Research

Citizens in a Global Society by David Mathews  ( PDF )
Deliberation: Touching Lives across National Boundaries by Maura Casey  ( PDF )
From Skepticism to Engagement: Building Deliberative Faith among Israeli College Students by Idit Manosevitch  ( PDF )
The Mediated Town Halls of the Eastern Cape by Rod Amner  ( PDF )
The Library as a Community Center by Svetlana Gorokhova  ( PDF )
Learning with the Citizens’ Accord Forum: Building a Shared Society in a Sustainable Democracy in Israel by Phillip D. Lurie  ( PDF )
A Comparative Study of Coastal Communities in Cuba and the United States by Paloma Dallas, Penny Dendy, Terry Jack, Esther Velis, Virginia York  ( PDF )
The Kettering Foundation and China-US Relations by Wang Jisi  ( PDF )
The International Residents Network: A Self-Sustaining Instrument for Learning and Sharing by Ruby Quantson  ( PDF )
Meeting the Challenges of a World Divided: Engaging Whole Bodies Politic by Harold H. Saunders  ( PDF )
Searching for Balance: America’s Role in the World by Robert J. Kingston  ( PDF )