Connections 2016: Kettering's Multinational Research

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The 2016 issue of Connections, edited by KF program officer and senior writer/editor Melinda Gilmore; KF senior associate Philip Stewart; and KF vice president, secretary, and general counsel Maxine Thomas, focuses on our yearlong review of our multinational research.

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Citizens in a Global Society by David Mathews  ( PDF )

Kettering president David Mathews describes the two broad categories of Kettering’s multinational research: 1) collaborations with nongovernmental organizations outside the United States that are interested in what Kettering is studying about the role of citizens and 2) citizen diplomacy, which centers on three countries—Russia, China, and Cuba.

Deliberation: Touching Lives across National Boundaries by Maura Casey  ( PDF )
From Skepticism to Engagement: Building Deliberative Faith among Israeli College Students by Idit Manosevitch  ( PDF )
The Mediated Town Halls of the Eastern Cape by Rod Amner  ( PDF )
The Library as a Community Center by Svetlana Gorokhova  ( PDF )
Learning with the Citizens’ Accord Forum: Building a Shared Society in a Sustainable Democracy in Israel by Phillip D. Lurie  ( PDF )
A Comparative Study of Coastal Communities in Cuba and the United States by Paloma Dallas, Penny Dendy, Terry Jack, Esther Velis, Virginia York  ( PDF )
The Kettering Foundation and China-US Relations by Wang Jisi  ( PDF )
The International Residents Network: A Self-Sustaining Instrument for Learning and Sharing by Ruby Quantson  ( PDF )
Meeting the Challenges of a World Divided: Engaging Whole Bodies Politic by Harold H. Saunders  ( PDF )
Searching for Balance: America’s Role in the World by Robert J. Kingston  ( PDF )