Connections 2017: Experiments in Democratic Citizenship

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Countering Democracy’s Challenges by David Mathews  ( PDF )
The Educating Neighborhood: How Villages Raise Their Children by John McKnight  ( PDF )
Recasting the Narratives That Shape Our Public Life by Paula Ellis  ( PDF )
Park Life: Experimenting with Democracy and Civic Engagement in Cincinnati’s Oldest Public Park by David Siders  ( PDF )
Being a Civically Engaged College That Contributes to Democratic Ways of Living: Re ections of a College President by Adam Weinberg  ( PDF )
Parents for Public Schools: Encouraging Educational Citizenship by Joann Mickens  ( PDF )
Becoming a Catalyst for Civic Learning by Betty Knighton  ( PDF )
Public Deliberation, Historic Decisions, and Civic Education: A Journey with a Presidential Library by Kathleen Pate  ( PDF )
Science and the Cultivation of Public Judgment by Daniel Sarewitz  ( PDF )
How I Learned What Not to Do as a School Superintendent by Charles Irish  ( PDF )