Connections 2019: Exploring the Relationship between the Public and the Government

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Governing With the People by David Mathews  ( PDF )
City Managers: Creating a Collaborative Culture of Engagement by Ron Carlee  ( PDF )
Democratic Practices That Inspire Collective Action: Engaging the Full Community through Citizen-Centric Strategies by Cheryl Hilvert, Michael Huggins, Doug Linkhart  ( PDF )
Imagining the Deliberative City Manager: The Case for Local Systems Leadership by Martín Carcasson  ( PDF )
A Public Voice: A Look at National and Local Efforts by Tony Wharton  ( PDF )
Connecting to Congress by Michael Neblo  ( PDF )
Felt Democracy: Multinational Research Exchange Week 2019 by Wendy Willis  ( PDF )
Costa Rica’s Ottón Solís: A Politician Who Puts Citizens First by Maura Casey  ( PDF )
Decades of Dialogue: Reflecting on US-China Exchanges by Maxine S. Thomas  ( PDF )
When Communities Embrace Shared Responsibility by Richard C. Harwood  ( PDF )