Connections 2020: The Work of Democratic Citizenship

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Public Deliberation
Theory and Practice
An Experiment Studying Experiments by David Mathews  ( PDF )
Leaderful Communities: Exploring Citizen-Leaders by Ike Adams, Erin Payseur Oeth  ( PDF )
Historic Decisions: Looking Deliberatively at the Past by Joni Doherty  ( PDF )
The Issue Guide as a Pedagogical Tool by Samantha Fried  ( PDF )
From Opinions to Judgments: Insights from the First 40 Years of the National Issues Forums by Jean Johnson, Keith Melville  ( PDF )
The Library as Community Hub by Marie Pyko, Lissa Staley, Debbie Stanton  ( PDF )
Faith and Democracy by Elizabeth Gish, Ekaterina Lukianova  ( PDF )
COVID-19 Community Response and the Appetite for Civic Engagement by Michele Archie  ( PDF )
In It Together: Opening American Education by Damien Conners  ( PDF )
Deliberation in Everyday Conversation by Wendy Willis  ( PDF )
Deliberative Democracy Institute 2020: An Opportunity to Innovate and to Reinvigorate Networking by Maxine S. Thomas  ( PDF )
With the People: Connecting Campuses and Communities across the Country by Betty Knighton, Kara Lindaman  ( PDF )
The Citizen Workers of Democracy by Harry C. Boyte  ( PDF )

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