Connections May 2002: Citizens & Public Choice, Vol. XII Issue 2

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Each issue of this annual newsletter focuses on a particular area of Kettering’s research.

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Public Deliberation
The Habit of Public Deliberation by David Mathews  ( PDF )
The Grassroots Connection: A Key Ingredient in Building a Democratic Public by Maxine S. Thomas  ( PDF )
Partnering with Large National Organizations: A Win-Win Proposition by Estus Smith  ( PDF )
Local Issue Framing and Deliberation: Making a Difference in Community Life by Grace Severyn  ( PDF )
News Organizations as Partners in Deliberation: Tapping Democratic Potential by Cole C. Campbell  ( PDF )
A Question for the Public to Decide: What to Do about Money and Politics by Patty Dineen  ( PDF )
They Give, but They Also Take: Voters Muddle States' Finances by Timothy Egan  ( PDF )
Books Worth Reading by Cole C. Campbell, Chris Kelley  ( PDF )

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