Dialogue Sustained: The Multilevel Peace Process and the Dartmouth Conference


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Drawing on extensive research and interviews, James Voorhees describes the history and evolution of the Dartmouth Conference, a unique peacemaking venture, throughout its first 40 years. The Dartmouth meetings were designed to give private citizens in the Soviet Union and the United States a role to play in lessening tensions between the two nations. The book adds a new perspective on the Cold War and traces the development of a unique multilevel peace process known as sustained dialogue.

  • Foreword, David Mathews and Richard H. Solomon
  • Preface, David Rockefeller
  • Chapter 1. Sustained Dialogue in Perspective
  • Chapter 2. The Early Years, 1960–64
  • Chapter 3. The Rise and Fall of Détente, 1969–80
  • Chapter 4. A New Cold War and the Beginning of Perestroika, 1981–88
  • Chapter 5. The Peak of Glasnost and Collapse, 1988–91
  • Chapter 6. New Approaches from a Rich Tradition: The 1990s, Harold H. Saunders and James Voorhees
  • Chapter 7. The Influence of the Dartmouth Conference on Policymakers and Policy
  • Chapter 8. The Conduct of Sustained Dialogue: What Have We Learned? What Next?, Harold H. Saunders and Vitali Zhurkin

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