The Harold Hodgkinson Lecture, 2018



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The Hodgkinson Lecture was established in 2017 in honor of Harold “Bud” Hodgkinson, renowned lecturer, writer, and analyst of demographics and education. The second Hodgkinson Lecture was delivered by Mark Mather, a demographer and associate vice president of US programs at the Population Reference Bureau, who has authored more than 40 reports and briefs on US population trends and their implications.

Mather details two long-term demographic trends—an aging US population and its accompanying problems, and the country’s growing racial and ethnic diversity—both of which are associated with major policy challenges. These trends also play a role in the nation’s current polarization and divisive public discourse, and they have implications for Kettering’s research, particularly as they concern the foundation’s experimentation with constructive public discourse on issues such as Social Security and immigration.

This Kettering Foundation Working Paper includes Mather’s remarks as well as highlights of the ensuing discussion and graphs and charts that illustrate the trends described.


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