Higher Education Exchange 2017

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Deliberation as Public Judgment: Recovering the Political Roots of a Democratic Practice (Foreword) by Derek W.M. Barker  ( PDF )
Beyond Adversary Democracy by Jane Mansbridge  ( PDF )
What Is Political Judgment? by Ronald Beiner  ( PDF )
The Bumpy Road from Mass Opinion to Public Judgment by Daniel Yankelovich  ( PDF )
Beyond the “Informed” Citizenry: The Role of Public Judgment in a Deliberative Democracy (An Interview) by Noëlle McAfee, David McIvor, Derek W.M. Barker  ( PDF )
National Issues Forum Guides: Eliciting and Habituating Public Judgment by Lori L. Britt  ( PDF )
How Civic Engagement Spread Across Six College Campuses by Maura Casey  ( PDF )
Shaping Our Future: The Public Purpose of Higher Education by Harry C. Boyte  ( PDF )
Democracy Is in Trouble, Higher Education Is in Trouble (Afterword) by David Mathews  ( PDF )