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The 2018 edition of the Higher Education Exchange focuses on a research question that has structured much of the foundation’s work during the last year: How can an organization come to align itself with a democratic citizenry? For both higher education and for Kettering itself, this question is a challenge to consider how we can create complementary working relationships with citizens. It can be easy for even well-meaning institutions to allow their own patterns and prerogatives to override the more organic rhythms of community life. Many of the articles in this issue of the Higher Education Exchange focus on how Kettering, and our academic partners, have structured work with citizens and community partners to be collaborative rather than controlling—including through the student civic organizing model of Public Achievement, among campus centers in the foundation’s network, within the international Talloires Network and the domestic Democracy Commitment coalitions, and in democratic pedagogy. Through examples like these, this issue of the Higher Education Exchange aims to demonstrate the possibilities of alignment between citizens and higher education institutions.

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Higher Education
Learning to Strengthen Democracy, Democratically (Foreword) by Derek W.M. Barker  ( PDF )
Public Achievement: The Work of Building Democratic Culture by Harry C. Boyte  ( PDF )
Centers for Democratic Public Life: Learning as a Deliberative Democratic Practice by Joni Doherty  ( PDF )
Reflections on Advancing University Civic Engagement Internationally by Lorlene Hoyt  ( PDF )
Deepening Deliberation in Community Colleges: Reflections on Our Research by John J. Theis, Carrie B. Kisker, Alberto Olivas  ( PDF )
Learning to Teach Democracy (An Interview) by Nicholas V. Longo, Marshalita Sims Peterson, Derek W.M. Barker  ( PDF )
A Loss of Public Purpose: How Will Higher Education Respond? by Alex Lovit  ( PDF )
A Question of Culture by David Mathews  ( PDF )

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