Higher Education Exchange (2012)

Foreword by Deborah Witte  ( PDF )
Higher Education and the American Commonwealth Partnership: An Interview by Harry Boyte  ( PDF )
Tales from Anti-Civic U by Claire Snyder-Hall  ( PDF )
Educating Democratically: An Interview by Elizabeth Minnich  ( PDF )
Living Democracy: A Project for Students and Citizens by Mark Wilson, Nan Fairley  ( PDF )
Civic Engagement and Doctoral Education by Ellen M. Knutson, Dan A. Lewis  ( PDF )
Public Scholarship at the Graduate Student Level by Robin Hoecker  ( PDF )
Wicked Bedfellows: Can Science and Democracy Coexist in the Land Grant? by Wynne Wright  ( PDF )
What Is College For? The Public Purpose of Higher Education by Elizabeth Hudson  ( PDF )
Higher Education and Har Megiddo by David Mathews  ( PDF )

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