Higher Education Exchange (2013)

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Higher Education
Foreword by Deborah Witte  ( PDF )
Reconstructing America’s Public Life: An Interview by Thomas Bender  ( PDF )
Reinventing Citizenship as Public Work: Civic Learning for the Working World by Harry C. Boyte  ( PDF )
Civic Work, Civic Lessons: Two Generations Reflect on Public Service: An Interview by Thomas Ehrlich, Ernestine Fu  ( PDF )
Rethinking Civic Engagement on Campus: The Overarching Potential of Deliberative Practice by Martín Carcasson  ( PDF )
Deliberative Pedagogy and the Community: Making the Connection by Nicholas V. Longo  ( PDF )
The Medium Is the Message: An Israeli Experience with Deliberative Pedagogy by Edith Manosevitch  ( PDF )
Today’s Civic Mission for Community Colleges by Sean Creighton  ( PDF )
Real Social Science: Applied Phronesis Edited by Bent Flyvbjerg, Todd Landman, and Sanford Schram by Alex Lovit  ( PDF )
Engaging the Work of Democracy by David Mathews  ( PDF )

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