Higher Education Exchange 2020: Democracy Divided

Democracy Divided: How Should Higher Education Respond? (Foreword)  by Derek W.M. Barker, Alex Lovit  ( PDF )
Deliberative Civic Engagement: Campus Experiments in Hong Kong, Israel, Kenya, and South Africa  by Lorlene Hoyt, James Garrett  ( PDF )
Discourse Ethics and Deliberative Dialogue  by Jed Donelan  ( PDF )
Deliberation and Democratic Practice: A Student Affairs Approach by Diana Ali, Teri Lyn Hinds, Stephanie King, Kara Lindaman, Brent Marsh, Erin Payseur Oeth  ( PDF )
Deliberation in the History Classroom by Flannery Burke, Marie Downey, Lani Frost, Sydney Johnson, Allison Mispagel, Andrew Sweeso  ( PDF )
Community College Deliberative Democracy and the Pandemic: A Conversation with Community College Civic Engagement Faculty  by Verdis L. Robinson  ( PDF )
Does Higher Education Undermine Democracy?  by Alex Lovit  ( PDF )
Higher Education in a Time of Crisis (Afterword) by David Mathews  ( PDF )