Initiatives in Active Citizenship: Reports from the Third International Exchange on Active Citizenship for Democratic Strengthening in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States

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Initiatives in Active Citizenship is a bilingual (Spanish-English) volume edited by Ileana Marin of the Kettering Foundation and Esther Velis of the Antonio Núñez Jiménez Foundation (FANJ). It brings together 15 presentations given at a January 2014 exchange in Havana, Cuba. The participants in this exchange were invited to come prepared to talk about their efforts in the field of active citizenship in their particular contexts, make presentations and/or submit brief essays on their work, and share ideas for future similar exchanges. The group included representatives of eight Cuban and two Latin American organizations, who were all practitioners, and academics from Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States. The exchange added to what the Kettering Foundation and other participants are learning about the work of effectively engaging with people with major issues in their everyday life.  Representatives from Havana, Cuba, Mobile, Alabama, and Panama City, Florida, for instance, shared information related to the environment and its impact on the life of the community and described how each of these groups has been working to name and frame environmental issues in their communities. Chapters in this volume include:

  • Introduction, Ileana Marin and Esther Velis
  • Foreword, Liliana Núñez
  • Active Citizenship in the Civic Ecosystem, David Mathews
  • Politics, Power, and the Status of the Citizenry: Social Relationships and Political Culture in the Cuban Socialist Transition, Rafael Hernández
  • Learning to Speak in Civic Prose, Ramón E. Daubón
  • Institutionalizing Social Participation in Brazil: Dialogue Mechanisms in the “National Policy on Social Participation,” Telma Gimenez
  • Main Challenges for Cooperatives in Venezuela, Camila Piñeiro
  • Social Cohesion and Citizenship in the Municipality of Centro Habana, Luisa Íñiguez
  • Conditions for the Defense of the Public Interest: Building Post-Conflict in Cartagena, Colombia, Germán Ruiz
  • What Role Could Progressive Enterprise Models Play in Cuba’s Updated Development Strategy? Julia Sagebien
  • The Sociocultural Revitalization of a Cuban Community Going Through the Sugar Industry Restructuring Process: A Local Culture-Based Development Experience, Aymée Plasencia
  • “Responsible Marianao”: A Contribution to Municipal Management that Leads to New Forms of Social Participation in the New Cuban Context, Yociel Marrero and Roberto Sánchez
  • Quality of Life on the Gulf Coast: How Can It Be Enhanced and Sustained? Virginia York, Terry Jack, and Penny Dendy
  • Climate Change and Our Community: Playa Larga, Ciénaga de Zapata, Cuba, Esther Velis
  • The Historic Center of Old Havana: A Heritage Restoration Project that Encourages Active Citizenship, Martha Oneida
  • Urban Public Consultation: A Tool for Local Participatory Planning, Marilyn Fernández

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