Kettering Review Fall 2016

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The Kettering Review is a journal of ideas and activities dedicated to improving the quality of public life in the American democracy. Each issue addresses a single theme, including the changing roles of the citizen, the press, public leadership, and public opinion. Contributors include a diverse group of American and international educators, historians, philosophers, and social and political scientists. The Review is edited by Noëlle McAfee.

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Editor’s Letter by Noëlle McAfee  ( PDF )
Democracy as Public Reason by Amartya Sen  ( PDF )
On Civil Society by Merab Mamardashvili  ( PDF )
The Challenge of Self-Governance in Complex Contemporary Environments by Elinor Ostrom  ( PDF )
The Right to Politics by Albena Azmanova  ( PDF )
The Art of Presence by Asef Bayat  ( PDF )
. . . afterthoughts by David Mathews  ( PDF )