Kettering Review Winter 2019

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Public goods are often seen as the domain of institutions and experts.  This issue of the Review considers matters a little differently. How might formal public institutions work with informal publics?  How can organizations and institutions align themselves with the work of a democratic citizenry to foster a better functioning democracy? These simple questions form the backbone of this issue of the Kettering Review.

The Kettering Review is a journal of ideas and activities dedicated to improving the quality of public life in American democracy. The Review is edited by Noëlle McAfee and Nicholas A. Felts.

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Editors’ Letter by Noëlle McAfee, Nicholas A. Felts  ( PDF )
Covenanting, Coproducing, and the Good Society by Elinor Ostrom  ( PDF )
What Is a Democratic Professional? by Albert W. Dzur  ( PDF )
A History of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute: Unintentionally Creating a Movement by John McKnight  ( PDF )
Public Things: Democracy in Disrepair by Bonnie Honig  ( PDF )
Civic Networks: An Interview with Lewis Friedland by Noëlle McAfee  ( PDF )
A Question of Culture by David Mathews  ( PDF )