In Defense of Democracy: The Kettering Foundation’s New Strategic Plan


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Over the past half-century, the Kettering Foundation’s focus has been on strengthening democracy, both in the US and around the globe, with a special emphasis on the role of the citizen. Now, under the leadership of Sharon L. Davies and working against the backdrop of rapidly evolving global threats to democracy, Kettering has widened its aperture. Events like the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, says Davies, “remind us of democracy’s fragility and serve as a warning that even well-established systems of democratic governance are vulnerable to leaders who eschew the rule of law and take a win-at-all-costs approach to retaining power. A campaign in defense of democracy to meet these threats is essential.”

Kettering’s new strategic plan, In Defense of Democracy, summarized in this publication, positions the foundation to contribute to the pro-democracy landscape during this critical time for our nation and the world. The new vision, mission, and focus will drive the work of the Charles F. Kettering Foundation over the coming years.

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