The Public and Public Education: A Cousins Research Group Report on Public Education in Democracy



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This Cousins Research Group report includes two articles by Kettering Foundation president David Mathews that were published previously. “The Public for Public Schools Is Slipping” was first published in Education Week in 1995. The second piece, “Putting the Public Back into Public Education: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for a Troubled Relationship,” appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of the National Civic Review. Both pieces look at the growing disconnect between the schools and the public they serve. They suggest that the usual institutional responses to repair the troubled relationship (e.g., standardized tests or better public relations) have failed to remedy the problem. The key to bridging the divide between the schools and the public may actually be found on the citizens’ side. Mathews observes, “Citizens themselves and their organizations have to be actors who bring educational resources in the community to complement what the schools do.”

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