Title Author Category Published
Dialogue Sustained: The Multilevel Peace Process and the Dartmouth Conference James Voorhees Democratic Practice Around the World 2002
Why Public Schools? Whose Public Schools? (Paperback) David Mathews Institutions 2003
Journalism Education: Missing the Democratic Connections David D. Kurpius Institutions 2003
Easy Innovation and the Iron Cage: Best Practice, Benchmarking, Ranking, and the Management of Organizational Creativity H. George Frederickson Civil Society 2003
Thanks for the Memories: My Years with the Dartmouth Conference Alice Bobrysheva Democratic Practice Around the World 2003
Accountability, Community and Philanthropic Practice: Report on a Session at the 52nd Annual Conference of the Council on Foundations Kettering Foundation Institutions 2003
Public Journalism Past and Future Lewis A. Friedland Institutions 2003
Going Public: Academics and Public Life Harry C. Boyte Higher Education 2004
Creating Citizens through Public Deliberation Scott London Citizens 2004
Engaging Campus and Community: The Practice of Public Scholarship in the State and Land-Grant University System Margaret Adamek, Nicholas R. Jordan, Scott Peters, Theodore R. Alter Higher Education 2005
Consequential Learning: A Public Approach to Better Schools (Hardback) Jack Shelton Public Education 2005
Consequential Learning: A Public Approach to Better Schools (Paperback) Jack Shelton Public Education 2005
Mr. Boyd Connects Brad Rourke Federal Government 2005
Investing in Public Life: A Report from the 2003-2004 Dialogues on Civil Investing Scott London Philanthropy 2005
The Civic Renewal Movement: Community Building and Democracy in the United States Carmen Sirianni, Lewis A. Friedland Communities 2005
Public Thought and Foreign Policy: Essays on Public Deliberations about Americans' Role in the World Robert J. Kingston Reports on NIF forums 2005
Hope Unraveled: The People's Retreat and Our Way Back Richard C. Harwood Communities 2005
Politics Is About Relationship: A Blueprint for the Citizens’ Century Harold H. Saunders Citizens 2005
Engaging Citizens: Meeting the Challenges of Community Life Kettering Foundation Citizens 2006
Reclaiming Public Education by Reclaiming Our Democracy David Mathews Citizens 2006
Collective Decision Making Around the World: Essays on Historical Deliberative Practices Ileana Marin Democratic Practice Around the World 2006
When Citizens Deliberate: Russian and American Citizens Consider Their Relations Brian Cobb, Denis V. Makarov, Igor Nagdasev, Philip D. Stewart Democratic Practice Around the World 2006
Public Administrators and Citizens: What Should the Relationship Be? Kettering Foundation Institutions 2007
Voices of Hope: The Story of the Jane Addams School for Democracy Nan Kari, Nan Skelton Institutions 2007