Title Author Category Published
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Divided We Fail: Are Leaders and Citizens Talking Past Each Other on Higher Education? Higher Education 2013
An Ongoing Experiment: State Councils, The Humanities, and the American Public Elizabeth Lynn Higher Education 2013
Politics Is About Relationship: A Worldview for the Citizens’ Century (Revised 2014 Edition) Harold H. Saunders Citizens 2014
Curbing Health Care Costs: Are Citizens Ready to Wrestle with Tough Choices? Reports on NIF forums 2014
The Ecology of Democracy David Mathews Communities 2014
Joint Ventures: An Experiment in Community/Professional Co-framing in K-12 Education Institutions 2014
Democracy Beyond the Ballot Box: A New Role for Elected Officials, City Managers, and Citizens Valerie A. Lemmie Institutions 2014
What Does the Kettering Foundation Do? Kettering Foundation About KF 2014
Philanthropy and the Limits of Accountability: A Relationship of Respect and Clarity Brad Rourke Institutions 2014
Developing Materials for Deliberative Forums Brad Rourke Framing Options 2014
Ships Passing in the Night? David Mathews Higher Education 2014
Maze of Mistrust: How District Politics and Cross Talk Are Stalling Efforts to Improve Public Education Public Education 2014
Reclaiming Public Education: Common Sense Approaches Bob Cornett Public Education 2015
Dynamics of Faculty Engagement in the Movement for Democracy’s Education at Northern Arizona University: Backgrounds, Practices, and Future Horizons Romand Coles, Blase Scarnati Higher Education 2015
Collected Essays Kettering Foundation International Residents Democratic Practice Around the World 2015
Civic Aspirations: Why Some Higher Education Faculty Are Reconnecting Their Professional and Public Lives Claire Snyder-Hall Higher Education 2015
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The Public and Public Education: A Cousins Research Group Report on Public Education in Democracy David Mathews Public Education 2016
Can Public Life Be Regenerated? A Cousins Research Group Report on Citizens in Democracy David Mathews Civil Society 2016
Making Room for the Unaffiliated Citizen in a Polarized World: Local Environmental Policy and Public Forums Alice Diebel Citizens 2016
Public Trust in Journalism and Media: Analysis of Data from 1970 to 2015 Lee B. Becker , Mengtian Chen, James M. Cox Jr. Journalism 2016
A Public Voice That’s Missing: A Cousins Research Group Report on The Public and the Government David Mathews Citizens 2016
Leaders or Leaderfulness? Lessons from High-Achieving Communities: A Cousins Research Group Report on Community in Democracy David Mathews Assets in Community 2016