Title Author Category Published
Evaluating Teachers’ Institutes: Using the Perceptions of Social Studies Teachers to Assess the Efficacy of Their Training Phillip D. Lurie 2020
With the People: An Introduction to an Idea David Mathews 2020
The Hodgkinson Lecture 2019 Julia Gelatt About KF 2020
A Public Voice 2019: Insights from Public Deliberations Scott London Public Deliberation 2020
Seeking a New Relationship with Communities: How Local Elected Officials Want to Bridge Divides, Distrust, and Doubts Jed Miller, Andrew Taylor Communities 2020
Connections 2019: Exploring the Relationship between the Public and the Government David Mathews, Ron Carlee, Cheryl Hilvert, Michael Huggins, Doug Linkhart, Martín Carcasson, Tony Wharton, Michael Neblo, Wendy Willis, Maura Casey, Maxine S. Thomas, Richard C. Harwood 2019
Journalism and Citizenship: Findings from a Pilot Course at the University of Georgia Lee B. Becker , Tudor Vlad, Andreea Voina Citizens 2019
Public Deliberation and Divisiveness: An Update on the Research About KF 2019
Beyond the Clash: How a Deliberative Public Talks about Immigration - A Report on 2018 National Issues Forums on Immigration Keith Melville, Melinda Gilmore Communities 2019
Our Divided Nation: Is There a Role for Philanthropy in Renewing Democracy? Scott London, Melinda Gilmore, Derek W.M. Barker Philanthropy 2019
Journalism Instruction and Citizen-Centered Democracy 2019 Jack Rosenberry Journalism 2019
The Harold Hodgkinson Lecture, 2018 Mark Mather Civil Society 2018
Jumping into Civic Life: Stories of Public Work from Extension Professionals Scott Peters, Theodore R. Alter, Timothy J. Shaffer Civil Society 2018
A Public Voice 2018: Insights from Public Deliberations Scott London Public Deliberation 2018
A House Divided? Reflections on the Public’s Mood John Doble, Jean Johnson 2018
Active Citizenship for a Sustainable Economy Ileana Marin, Esther Velis 2018
Kettering Foundation Dayton Days: October 2017 John Doble, Richard C. Harwood, Harry Boyte About KF 2018
Living Democracy: Communities as Classrooms, Students as Citizens Nan Fairley, Mark Wilson Assets in Community 2017
Deliberation in the Classroom: Fostering Critical Thinking, Community, and Citizenship in Schools Stacie Molnar-Main Civic Learning 2017
The Harold Hodgkinson Lecture J. Mac Holladay Civil Society 2017
Classrooms for Democracy: Experiments with Deliberation and Russian University Students Denis V. Makarov Civic Learning 2017
The Long-Term Impact of Learning to Deliberate: A Follow-up Study of Democracy Fellows and a Class Cohort Katy J. Harriger, Jill J. McMillan, Christy Buchanan, Stephanie Gusler 2017
Beyond Politics as Usual: Paths for Engaging College Students in Politics Ileana Marin, Ray Minor Civic Learning 2017
Suggsville USA: Democratic Opportunities in Communities David Mathews 2017