Title Author Category Published
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With the People: An Introduction to an Idea David Mathews 2020
Will It Be On the Test? Jean Johnson Institutions 2013
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What Does the Kettering Foundation Do? Kettering Foundation About KF 2014
We the People Politics: The Populist Promise of Deliberative Public Work Harry C. Boyte Citizens 2011
We Have to Choose: Democracy and Deliberative Politics Kettering Foundation Institutions 2008
Voices of Hope: The Story of the Jane Addams School for Democracy Nan Kari, Nan Skelton Institutions 2007
Voice and Judgment: The Practice of Public Politics Robert J. Kingston Public Deliberation 2012
Tupelo: The Evolution of a Community Vaughn L. Grisham Jr. Communities 1999
Tratando con decisiones difíciles Kettering Foundation Public Deliberation 2011
The Work of Hope: How Individuals & Organizations Can Authentically Do Good Richard C. Harwood Citizens 2012
The Public and Public Education: A Cousins Research Group Report on Public Education in Democracy David Mathews Public Education 2016
The Promise and Problems of Online Deliberation Laura W. Black Framing Options 2012
The Organization-First Approach: How Programs Crowd Out Community John Creighton, Richard C. Harwood Civil Society 2008
The Long-Term Impact of Learning to Deliberate: A Follow-up Study of Democracy Fellows and a Class Cohort Katy J. Harriger, Jill J. McMillan, Christy Buchanan, Stephanie Gusler 2017
The Hodgkinson Lecture 2019 Julia Gelatt About KF 2020
The Harold Hodgkinson Lecture, 2018 Mark Mather Civil Society 2018
The Harold Hodgkinson Lecture J. Mac Holladay Civil Society 2017
The Four-Legged Stool John McKnight Civil Society 2013
The Ecology of Democracy David Mathews Communities 2014
The Destiny of Wealth Zi Zhongyun Democratic Practice Around the World 2007