Multinational Residency Program

The Kettering Foundation invites applications for our Multinational Residency Program. The residencies are designed to offer a broad range of research opportunities to colleagues from around the world who are interested in working directly with foundation staff on topics pertaining to our research on the roles of citizens, institutions, and communities in democracy. Residents will also have an opportunity to gain an understanding of how issues are named and framed in ways that reflect public concerns and how deliberation can affect public decision making and acting. The Multinational Residency is offered in two six-month cycles each year, beginning in January and July. During their tenure, residents will be directly involved in the research work of the foundation, work with Kettering staff, participate in research exchanges and workgroup meetings, review and analyze relevant research on citizen-centered democracy, as well as develop and implement a research project on a topic of mutual interest to the resident and the foundation.

Eligibility Requirements

Prospective candidates must have participated in the weeklong summer exchange, Doing Democracy around the World (DDW), which is held every July. The exchange is designed to introduce participants to the research of the Kettering Foundation and also enable foundation staff to become familiar with colleagues from outside United States who are interested in learning about citizen-centered democracy and deliberative politics.

Application Process

Following their participation in DDW, eligible candidates may submit a copy of their résumé and a letter outlining their interest in Kettering research. The letter should also describe a research topic candidates wish to investigate during their residency at the foundation and indicate the preferred application cycle. A committee will review each application and select those candidates to be interviewed by telephone. Final decisions will be made shortly thereafter. Applications are welcome throughout the year. Please submit your letter of interest to the attention of the Multinational Residency Program, Kettering Foundation, 200 Commons Road, Dayton, Ohio 45459-2799, USA, or via email to: