Alice Huff, Resident Researcher

Alice Huff is a resident researcher at the Kettering Foundation. She comes to the foundation from New Orleans, where for the last six years she has participated in community-led efforts to facilitate meaningful community engagement in neighborhood-school issues.

Huff’s recent research draws on these experiences to investigate how participants in contestation over neighborhood schooling develop citizenship practices that politicize the racial, spatial, and ethical dimensions of public school policy. This work reflects a broader research interest in how people in marginalized communities work together to shape the places, institutions, and policies that matter to them, despite significant barriers to deliberation and collective action.

Huff’s engagement with questions of democracy and learning is informed by her disciplinary training as an urban geographer, as well as her work in classroom and community settings. Huff was a public school teacher in Los Angeles before joining the Department of Geography at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she is a PhD candidate.