Brad Rourke, Program Officer

Brad Rourke is a program officer at the Kettering Foundation and executive editor of issue guides. His work includes studies of naming and framing issues in public terms and of how people make decisions and work together on shared challenges in communities.

In addition to serving as executive editor of issue guides since 2010, Rourke has written and cowritten a number of Kettering reports and articles, including Developing Materials for Deliberative Forums. His essays and op-ed pieces have appeared in publications such as the Washington Post and the Christian Science Monitor. He contributed a
chapter on the ethics of citizenship to the book Shades of Gray (Brookings Institution, 2002).

Rourke has been a Kettering program officer since 2013 and was an associate since 2005. Prior to joining the foundation, Rourke was president of a public issues firm serving the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors, founder and publisher of local online news source Rockville Central, director of external initiatives at The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, and vice president for public policy at the Institute for Global Ethics. He has served on the staffs of then-controller of California Gray Davis and then-US representative Jane Harman.

Rourke received a BA in comparative literature from UC Berkeley and an MPA from American University.