Camryn Wilson, Research Assistant

Camryn Wilson is a research assistant at the Kettering Foundation. 

Originally from Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania, Wilson graduated summa cum laude from The Pennsylvania State University in May of 2020, earning a bachelor’s degree in political science with minors in communication arts and sciences and civic and community engagement. 

During her undergraduate studies, Wilson served as a Nevins fellow at Everyday Democracy through Penn State’s McCourtney Institute for Democracy. She was also an intern and democracy fellow at Campus Vote Project through the Donald P. Bellisario Washington Program at Penn State. While serving in these positions, Wilson learned about the intricacies of public participation and deliberative democracy. 

During her senior year, Wilson created a civic and community engagement capstone project, in which she conducted research to compare the Connecticut and Texas Civic Ambassadors programs, then offered a framework for implementation of a similar program in Pennsylvania. Wilson also won Penn State’s Center for Democratic Deliberation’s Student Engagement Award in April of 2020 for her work related to studying, promoting, and advocating democratic deliberation and civic engagement both on and off campus.

Wilson was introduced to the world of democratic deliberation and public/civic engagement during her time at Penn State while studying under Rosa Eberly and John Gastil, among others. She is passionate about the roles of citizens, communities, and institutions in American democracy and is interested in how those roles can be used to their fullest potential in order to create a robust democracy for all. Specifically, she is interested in the role of higher education in creating engaged democratic citizens and how these institutions can foster a voter and democracy friendly environment for students, staff, faculty, and the surrounding community.