Ewald Garr, International Resident Researcher

Ewald Garr is an international resident researcher at the Kettering Foundation. Garr joins the foundation from Ghana, where he works with the Institute for Democratic Governance.

Garr specializes in research, fundraising, project management, public policy analysis, and training. He is a multi-disciplinary professional with consistent working experience in the fields of citizen and community development, local governance and public service delivery, multiparty governance, electoral politics and accountability, poverty reduction and inequality, development economics, and agriculture and sustainable development. He has managed the portfolios of various projects, including those funded by USAID, DIPD, DANIDA, EU, AusAID, Oxfam, and the Ford Foundation.

Garr has published on civic engagement and community development, health care financing, policymaking, poverty reduction, human rights and gender equality, infrastructure policy reform and rural development, and agriculture. He has also contributed to research on Ghana’s Long Term National Development Plan, the Ghana Country Policy and Institutional Assessment, Domestic Resource Mobilization in Ghana, CSO Enabling Environment in West Africa, and the Communities Capacity Needs Assessment, among others.

In 2015, Garr was selected by the Dutch government as one of the most promising youth in the world, and he participated in the Dutch Visitors Program on Democracy and the Rule of Law.

Garr holds a BA in sociology from the University of Ghana, an MA in development management from Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, and an MPA from the University of Western Cape in South Africa.