Farhad Jarral, International Resident Researcher

Farhad Jarral is currently serving as an international resident researcher at the Kettering Foundation.

Jarral is a digital activism pioneer with a breadth of experience in social services, human development, and politics. In his most recent assignment, he has prepared a citizen-centric and focused digital strategy for the government of Balochistan, Pakistan, to improve governance issues and bridge communication barriers between the elected government and voters. Jarral identified and trained one of Pakistan’s largest networks of activists and campaigners in preparation of the 2018 general election. He brings an unparalleled energy and skills set to the digital campaigning space. 
At the Alif Ailaan campaign for education, he trained more than 300 education activists from across the country, not only incubating their social media platforms but also helping them develop business plans for full-fledged operations as real-world campaigns for better math and science learning outcomes for Pakistani children. As a STEM and technology trainer and motivator, Jarral strongly believes in the transformational capacity of the fourth industrial revolution and the new technologies that enable greater, more intimate, and more informed human connection. 
Jarral has extensive experience in video and audio content production, creative visual graphics, analytics and insights, and social media management. He has also served in political offices and provided advocacy services to media outlets. He is a grassroots community activist, working with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in both the United States and Pakistan. He has a deep understanding of various markets and their respective audience in order to shape the most impactful and results-oriented strategy for digital and traditional media platforms.

Jarral has a master’s degree in mass communication and was a US Atlas Corps Fellow from 2015 to 2016.